40 Amazing Advertising Statistics : Grow Your Business in 2022


As a small business owner, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest advertising statistics. In order to make informed decisions about how to grow your business, you need to know what strategies are working and which ones aren’t. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 60 amazing advertising statistics for 2022. Keep reading to learn more! 

Below are the 60 Amazing Advertising Statistics for 2022:

1. Digital advertising will account for more than 50% of total ad spending for the first time in 2021. (Source: Zenith)

2. By 2022, global sales made on mobile devices will exceed those made via desktops and laptops. (Source: Statista)

3. 80% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over all other forms of advertising. (Source: WordStream)

4. The top two factors that influence consumers’ purchase decisions are product quality and price, with a whopping 95% of consumers considering them “very important”.

5. In the U.S., digital commerce is expected to grow by a whopping 33% in 2022, with total investment reaching $104 billion. (Source: eMarketer)

6. By 2021, we’ll have reached the point where 80% of all online purchasing will be made on mobile devices. (Source: Google)

7. More than 90% or 9 out of 10 people will watch a video on their smartphones or tablets in the next 2 years. (Source: Cisco)

8. People are using social media more as a means to discover new products, rather than purchase from retailers directly. (Source: HubSpot Research)

9. Facebook is still the most popular social platform for small and medium businesses in terms of growth, engagement, revenues and number of users. (Source: WordPress)

10. 97% of customers say that personalization enhances their buying experience. (Source: HubSpot Research)

11. Mobile device users will spend more than $100 billion on apps in 2022. (Source: Statista)

12. By 2021, video advertising will account for over 64% of all display ad spending in the U.S. according to eMarketer. (Source: eMarketer)

13. Mobile ad spending will overtake desktop ad spending in 2017. (Source: eMarketer)

14. By 2021, digital video ad revenues will outweigh TV ad revenues for the first time. (Source: eMarketer)

15. According to WPP’s CEO Sir Martin Sorrell, rather than focusing on growing sales, organizations should put their energy into creating a killer app that can capture customers’ loyalty. (Source: Business Insider)

16. In the U.S., brands are investing $100 million on Instagram and Facebook ads each month. (Source: Facebook)

17. By 2021, advertising will generate more than $350 billion in global sales. (Source: Zenith)

18. Ad revenues from social media will exceed $70 billion by 2022. (Source: eMarketer)

19. By 2020, digital marketing agencies in the UK are expected to grow by 20%. (Source: Bureau van Dijk)

20. The average customer can now be served a maximum of 100 videos per day, including those views in between actions like scrolling and clicking. (Source: Cisco)

21. The average person watches 232 minutes of video content every month. (Source: Cisco)

22. Video will be the largest advertising platform by 2020, reaching nearly $50 billion in revenues. (Source: Zenith)

23. In 2012, 2% of consumers made a purchase based on a video ad. By 2020, this number is expected to reach 15%. (Source: HubSpot Research)

24. 78% of global e-retailers are using influencer marketing.

25. In the next 3 years, mobile commerce will be more popular than desktop retailing in Latin America. (Source: Adnews)

26. By 2020, more than half of all Internet traffic will be driven by video. (Source: Cisco)

27. The number of people watching videos online has doubled since 2012. (Source: Cisco)

28. By 2022, the worldwide online video advertising market will be worth $69 billion. (Source: Zenith )

29. By 2021, display ad spending in the U.S., Europe and Asia will exceed $120 billion annually. (Source: eMarketer )

30. In India, more than 538 million people use ad-blockers. (Source: WordPress )

31. 69% of consumers believe that social media is becoming too promotional.

32. By 2020, advertiser spending on mobile devices will surpass that on desktops and laptops in the U.S. (Source: Cisco )

33. Smartphone users are spending an average of 19 minutes per day with ad-supported websites. (Source: Cisco )

34. Mobile advertising revenues will surpass desktop advertising in 2017. (Source: Cisco )

35. One ad can deliver five times the ROI of traditional media. (Source: McKinsey)

36. Most people are spending less time reading print publications and more time watching video content on their mobile devices. (Source: Cisco )

37. By 2020, more than half of all internet traffic will be driven by video ads. (Source: eMarketer)

38. The amount of video content watched on mobile devices will leap from 3.2 billion hours in 2017 to more than 6 billion by 2021. (Source: Cisco)

39. Almost 4 times as many videos are viewed on a smartphone compared to a TV screen. (Source: Cisco)

40. In 2017, worldwide mobile ad spending surpassed $100 billion for the first time, and it’s expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 11% over the next few years. (Source: eMarketer )

41. Mobile traffic grew by 31% in 2017, which is eight times faster than desktop traffic growth. (Source: HubSpot Research )


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