5 Reliable platform for obtaining free music downloading service


Free music can be accessed through various sites and apps, but with many services, it is not too difficult to find that they are unreliable. So, we have compiled a list of reliable platforms that will provide you with a plethora of songs for absolutely free.

Music is an emotional experience, and sharing the experience with others has been made easier by the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. Gone are the days when people would record their own music on cassette tapes or CDs; streaming services like Pandora and Apple Music allow you to discover new artists without spending a dime. However, if you like purchasing your music instead of just listening to it, then these websites may be able to help:


Bandcamp is a store that specializes in music. With it, you can find the latest songs from independent artists and buy them online. The site can be accessed via a desktop computer or mobile phone, and you enjoy the convenience of listening to your favourite song right away.

Bandcamp gives you access to many free songs which come in different genres such as country, rock, or R&B. You will be able to listen to your favourite musical piece via streaming service on any device that supports it. In its search bar, you can enter a specific type of music genre so that it only shows results in relation to such genre. In the drop-down menu, you can also see specific albums that are free or have a limited-time offer. The site features a variety of artists and genres, making it a great place to explore new music.


Tidal is one of the most well-known streaming services that you can use for free. The service allows fans to stream high-quality audio and video content from various artists in most music genres. It has been around for quite some time and boasts more than 27 million subscribers worldwide. A year’s subscription fee is about $10 USD monthly which entitles you to listen to your favourite songs without any interruption of service.


SoundCloud is another service that can provide you with lots of free music. It is a great place to find new artists, as well as to listen to the songs, sound clips, and recordings of various musicians. The site allows you to record, share, promote and discover new music. It offers a wide scope of genres ranging from pop, rock, and hip-hop to rap and jazz. You can share your content with others on SoundCloud alone or group it into an album if you are interested in sharing it with your friends.

Music sites

Access to music on these websites is more or less free, with some exceptions. If you have a personal subscription to any one of these services, then you will be granted access to the songs and artists that you have been subscribed to. If not, then you can use the streaming services as they are free of charge once you connect them to your online account. You can also purchase individual tracks from them if they are available for sale. While all of these sites offer a variety of music genres and artists, there is only a small number of songs available for download on each site which might not appeal to different people depending on their taste in music.


Soundclick is a music website that allows you to listen to different genres of music while providing you with free downloads. The site has over 20 million songs in its database and you can download them right away. You will be able to listen to your favourite songs via the site’s own player or any other one that is installed on your device. Soundclick offers many free songs and they are separated by genre. You can also search for specific artists, albums, or tracks and download them right away if they are available for free.

What happened to free music?

Free Music Downloader is the fastest, most reliable, and convenient tool for downloading music. Our platform combines hundreds of radio stations and YouTube converters in one place. We bring a revolution in the world of free music downloads. Now it is no longer necessary to download each song separately. 

The main features of this platform are detailed below:

(1) High-speed downloads

many years of experience and constant optimization have allowed our service to reach unprecedented bandwidth levels and a very fast download speed.

(2) High-quality conversion

we provide files up to 320kbps for most songs, which is three times higher than the standard quality level (128kbps).

(3) Multiple downloads 

download several files at the same time.

4) Unlimited storage

how many times have you wanted to download all songs from a certain artist or all the tracks from a specific album? Now it’s possible!

(5) High-quality mp3

Our service provides only high-quality mp3, WMA, aac, and m4a downloads.

(6) Channels and playlists

we have assembled an enormous amount of channels that bring together hundreds of popular radio stations around the world. The same is true for playlists on YouTube, where some tracks can not be downloaded separately. Our service will allow you to download them quickly and without errors.

(7) Easy-to-use interface

Our platform has a simple and intuitive interface that anyone can use to download music and listen to his favourite songs.

(8) No limits

we do not limit the number of downloads per day, so you can always download the desired tracks without any difficulties.

(9) File format support 

our service supports the downloading of mp3, WMA, aac, m4a, and FLAC files.

(10) Wide format support

you can use our platform for many types of devices: windows media players, LLC or Winamp media players, iTunes, or even Windows Media Center.

How to download music from Spotify to your phone?

Spotify comes with a mobile application that lets you listen to your favourite music wherever you are, but if you have downloaded any songs from the website and would like to listen to them on your phone, then you will need to download them again. It will not be possible for you to listen to this music via the mobile app because it is stored in your browser on a computer. To be able to access the downloaded music, transfer it from your computer’s hard drive to a flash drive or an external disk as it is not possible for you to make use of your online store when accessing Spotify via an external device.


Music is a huge part of our lives. The varied genres of music make it easier for us to find that one song that can change our mood or make us dance. We often tend to download music illegally but there are also many sites that are legal and trustworthy, making it possible for you to use their services and listen to your favourite tunes without having to worry about getting a ticket from the police. You will have the option of choosing the best free music downloader for the computer that will suit your needs the most. There are various types of these programs available through which you can download songs from almost any source and later play them back on your device.


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