Email Marketing for beginners

Email marketing can include anything like newsletters with updates on the company, promotions on sales, or exclusive offers or deals for customers.

email marketing


Email marketing is the simplest and most inexpensive way of marketing. It is a way of building relationships with your potential customers by sending emails explaining your products or services. In other words, it can be described as direct mail done electronically. So let’s get into details.

What is email marketing?


What is email marketing?

Every time a company sends an email to its customer apart from its order confirmations or answering their queries, it is considered email marketing.

Email marketing can include anything like newsletters with updates on the company, promotions on sales, or exclusive offers or deals for customers. They can also send a general message on the company’s behalf regarding a scandal or some natural disaster. In this way they keep their customers informed regarding all the happenings in the company.


How does it work?

how email marketing work

it’s a boon, especially to small businesses, since it is very easy to set up an email marketing campaign. For example, you can add a newsletter sign-up form to your website and can send them newsletters as your audience grows. You can also send them newsletters from your social media profiles. It is the most effective way to send updates about your company to your direct customers. It can also be sent as a reminder to your potential customers who haven’t purchased recently from your website.

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Email marketing helps you to target a particular audience or even individuals. You can offer special birthday deals on their birthdays. This kind of personalization helps in developing the business and maintaining a healthy relationship with the customer which can eventually lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Data have proved that email marketing still plays an important role in advertising. The most important advantage of email marketing is that the chance of seeing an email is much higher than sending a post on social media.

benefits of email marketing

Email marketing and social media marketing should go hand in hand. Adding social media buttons like “like” or “share”  to the marketing email will increase the traffic to your website and will eventually lead to growth in sales. If you do it correctly, it is one of the best ways to increase your income. You can get people to visit or revisit your website through.


 marketing strategies

email marketing for startup

 There are a few steps you need to follow in an email marketing campaign.

  •  Build your own list: you should be clear on who is receiving your mail.
  • Follow the law: marketers should follow the CAN-SPAM Act. they should provide the proper address and an option to unsubscribe.
  • Mix up your messages: don’t just send them ads. You can send them your expertise on various subjects and share your information with them.
  • Treat your customers well: you should respect your customers. Make them feel special. Send them a mail on their special days.
  • Keep a schedule: if you are regular on your schedule customers will have an idea about what to expect from you which will help in the long front.
  • Mobile optimization: your email should display on desktop as well as mobile platforms equally. Then only customers will come to know about your skill.



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