how one step toward Sales Automation help to grow your business

Automate your Business

Sales is the major part of any business revenue that’s why Sales Automation is important. In the competitive world today, customers don’t lack many options, instead what they cast around is best service. What might be the biggest factor in distinguish one company from another, is how well they serve their customers.

Sales Automation is certainly the most effective way to be ahead of
the pack!

Sales Automation is the mechanisation of administrative tasks of the sales reps to
unlock their true potential. It’s a software that helps automate your business and
turbocharge the efficiency of the salespersons. The software is capable of collecting
all the statistics altogether and turning it into simpler and useful information, to make
quick business decisions thereby accelerating the performance of your sales reps.

Sales & Marketing automation
Business Automation Software
Do you often loose a deal due to forgetting to follow-up or giving a call-back?
Isn’t it hard to keep track of all the potential leads?

Here steps in, the sales automation! When best leveraged, it can take care of all the
process of sales, marketing, keeping record of the leads etc, parallelly providing easy
functionality and time for other important selling factors. It not only assists the sales
reps but also help the customers to better choose their service providers, as the focus is
on improving the sales experience.

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To be on your toes for each and every customer was very difficult, but sales
automation, CRM softwares, have made it possible. Here is how you can make sure
you are not the one wasting time on non-selling tasks which a software can handle.
And meet the needs of sales reps, and sales managers, so that they can do what they
are best at!

Why should you use sales automation in your business?

Sales automation includes multi features suitable for each type of online business.
One’s expertise in these tools can take a business to sky reaching heights. Discover
the following advantages of sales automation in business:-

Saves time with automated and customizable email templates.

Online business models run on email marketing and a well written email is the
main source of lead generation. For that sales automation tools can be used
which has various relevant customizable email templates.

email marketing
Email Marketing automation

Customer interaction features

Customer interaction features, including phone calls, and voice messages
Queries of the prospective clients are easily cured with one-click prompts
which connects the prospects to the sales reps.

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Better time management

With all the non-selling activities are being taken care of, by the sales
automation softwares, sales team can devote their time on other selling factors.

Standardisation of efforts

Sales automation softwares takes care of mostly activities


With the use of sales automation softwares there are hardly any chances of
mistakes and hardly any lead gets unnoticed. And the leads never receive faulty

Customer relationship management software (CRM)

Sales automation tools make use of platforms like gmail, outlook etc to collect
lead information and tracks record of all that.

Sales Automation Softwarekeeps track of all the leads and creates a huge database for
future needs, it is highly accurate and saves time sales reps from mental fatigue and
gives them the time to invest in other activities. They have also proven to shorten sales
cycle and makes sales management better.

Explore the Sales Automation

There are different types of solutions that it offers. Choose the solution for your
specific business:

Blog/ content business using email marketing

This includes blogs or magazines and other content related businesses which like
to send their readers regular post updates and extensively use email marketing for
lead generation of their business. Sales automation can be proved useful to you in
the following ways:

Customized email templates

Instead of engaging the sales team on long emails with almost the same content
over and over again, with the help of sales automation, salespeople can spend
more time on actually selling. It offers tools for customizable templates which
ensures uniformity in the emails being sent by the company. It saves time and
improves quality.
Lead Management

Scheduled follow-up

The most crucial part of an email marketing lead generation process is the call
to action. Therefore, assigning email follow-up systems to the team is a normal practice.
But salespeople are usually on the calls with shorter attention for each and evry  client and sometimes emails get skipped and sales opportunity gets missed. But sales automation keeps track of all the email follow ups and handles the communication without leaving behind any single client. It’s a scheduled follow up system.

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Service providing business 

Call monitoring

If your model is based on customer satisfaction and personalized services then
there is a greater role of sales automation. it comes into picture right at the
moment when a sales rep makes a call to a potential customer. Proper records
are made through the softwares, Call logs are well maintained, recording the
positive or a negative response form the customer’s end. Various analysis is
done on these outcomes and the team performance is kept on check.

Better tracking

Outbound and inbound contacts are tracked by the softwares. This leads to lead
enrichment. The more contacts you have the more people can become your
potential clients. These softwares uses AI to gather thousands of leads who are
more willing to respond.

One-click Appointment schedule

The sales automation softwares directly pitches the leads to make their
scheduled appointments. Just attaching a link can increase the conversion rate.
Its so efficient compared to the waiting period the potential client otherwise
would have gone through.

Online stores

If your side hustle is an online store, then you definitely need to get your business
model atomised. The sales automation in online stores business helps reach
prospective customers, providing them with the help and support which is highly
required to build a relationship of trust. Sometimes, there are limited stock
availability and leads are need to be informed about the time sensitive situation.
Sales automation plays a role here by sorting out the leads on various different
factors like the leads who are on the first step vs who have already reached the
funnel stage. This helps targeting easier and beneficial for both the customer and
the sales rep.

Corporate sales

Filtering out the prospective client

If your target audience is people holding high posts in the corporate world or if
you sell to companies, then using sales automation can provide a huge filtered
information. Contacting the right leads is important and with the help of automated softwares a lead can be picked on the basis of company size, nature of business,
ethics, public image etc.

unlock your business potential

Relevant content posting

Corporate people don’t waste much time, they are quick to decide on which
business to approach if they need to make a purchase. So, it’s important that
relevant content reaches them. With sales automation software, the content is
matched to the lead based on their funnel stage, needs, location, price range,
preference etc.

Faster deal closing unsing sales automation

Electronic signatures are used with the software which saves time
and closes the sale quickly without any hassles.

Sales automation benefits in two ways-

It makes the selling and marketing efficient, accurate and secondly it supports the
collection and analysis of data which improves the sales management and helps in
quicker business decisions. So, whether it’s a small business or a large-scale business,
sales automation tools can be applied depending on the cost and needs.

Highly repetitive tasks which often leads to mistakes when done by a sales rep is
taken care of by the sales automation tools with so many added features that a normal
sales team finds hard to do.

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