Step by step process of making a Social media Strategy


Social Media Management is a difficult and daunting task that requires the ability to generate content. Keep up with social media goals, and maintain a good relationship with your followers. As practitioners discover the benefits of social media for their business and seek to implement it into their marketing strategy. So creating a Social Media presence has become quite an ongoing process that can be achieved in multiple stages.

Step 1: Defining your goals

Before you start creating content, you must first create a plan. Social media aims to bring customers and followers together, hence the need for a plan. The key to creating an effective social media strategy is by having a clear understanding of your goals.

This can help guide you as to what type of content you will create. It also tell what products and services your business will promote on social media.

Step 2: Creating a social media presence with Twitter

Twitter provides a quick and easy way to tell interested followers of your business. What there is something new or exciting going on in the world at any given time.

However, Twitter is not built as a traditional social media platform and is therefore different from other social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Twitter requires less of a personal conversation between you and your followers, but it still requires a user-friendly interface.

Step 3: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent database for finding potential clients or customers through your industry sector. It’s also a great platform for connecting with other business professionals that are in the same field which can help you grow your network to help increase your business.

Step 4: Facebook

One of the most popular social sites on the Internet. Facebook allows its users to connect to like-minded individuals, share photos and events with friends, upload documents to facilitate group discussion, etc. Facebook, however, isn’t a step into the world of social media for beginners. It requires a certain degree of creativity and technical knowledge.

Step 5: YouTube

YouTube users can upload their own videos to share their products and general information. This helps build your reputation as well as influence social traffic to your video page. The video page is known as your YouTube channel.

Step 6: Blogging

Blogging is an excellent way to express your thoughts on current events by writing about them on your blog or website. It  gives you the opportunity to become more well-known in your profession and to meet and converse with new people. This is a fantastic method to share one-of-a-kind ideas or recipes with others.

Step 7: Pinterest

Pinterest is a site where users can post pictures of things they like, be it pictures of their favourite clothing brands, delicious recipes, or anything that they find inspiring. The site allows users to repin and comment on others’ pins, as well as follow other members. 

Step 9: Instagram

Instagram is a photo-sharing site owned by Facebook. The site allows users to upload pictures onto their accounts and give them titles or descriptions. Users can also like photos or comment on them through the use of hashtags which categorizes them for others to find similar content easily.

Step 8: Google My Business

Google Plus is another site that provides several features such as sharing photos, text, links, and videos with friends.

Step 9: Creating content with blogs and websites

The most basic method of creating content is by blogging. Blogging is the process of writing short articles or columns on your website or blog. It can include guest blogging, where you write about another person’s website. Product, or service and then yours is linked to as a resource for that person’s readers. This can be done in many forms: written, graphical, audio and video for sales presentations which are then recorded for marketing purposes.

What is your favourite social media platform?

The most popular social media platform is Facebook. In this survey, we have asked our users to give their favourite social media platform. Facebook is the number one choice with 88% of the user base choosing it as their favourite.

Next in line was LinkedIn with 10% followed by Twitter (8%). The most popular social media platforms for our users are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube respectively.

What does one use Social Media for?

The most popular purpose of employing a social media platform is to realize exposure. This shows that folks are using Social Media to plug themselves and their products or services.

This will be done through sales advertisements, image/video marketing, and other interactive ways. an in depth second is keeping in touch with friends and family.

What does your business use Social Media for?

Social Media has become a particularly important tool for businesses of all sizes. 61% of companies say that they use Social Media to plug their company. This provides business owners a replacement approach to marketing their products or services.

They will use different avenues like email, spam , and social media to tell customers of latest products or services. Social Media isn’t only how of selling but it also can be used for networking opportunities and finding customers for your business.

Where do i spend most of a while on Social Media?

According to our survey, Facebook is that the most used site with 1,246 respondents checking their News Feed and Timeline daily. The second spot goes to LinkedIn with 1,224 respondents using it daily for business purposes.

YouTube and Twitter take the third and fourth spots respectively with 854 and 843 users that use them daily for business purposes. Google Plus comes in fifth at 790 users using it daily for business purposes.

Who is your audience for Social Media?

A total of 1160 respondents answered this question correctly. Of these, 63% had a male target market, 11.5% were female, and 31% were mixed or undecided.This shows that men are the first audience probably thanks to the mostly male-oriented culture on Social media.

Most of the females are women that have a private account that they use to interact with family and friends only.

The most popular demographics for our survey were 18-24 years old (33%), 25-34 (25%), 35-44 (19%), 45-54 (20%) and 55+ (17%).

Where is most precious for your business?

The top two social media sites for business are Facebook and LinkedIn. 61% of the survey respondents feel that these are the foremost valuable sites to use for a business. Google Plus was also mentioned during this category with 59%.

The smallest amount valuable site consistent with our survey respondents was YouTube at 34%. This probably has something to try to to with the very fact that the bulk of individuals using it. YouTube are using it for entertainment purposes and not as a tool for business purposes.

How much time does one spend on social media per day?

1,161 respondents in our survey used Facebook daily while 801 used it hourly/minute and 752 used it but once each day . LinkedIn and Twitter are used daily by 1,157 and 930, respectively.

YouTube is employed 924 for daily usage, 1,057 hourly/minutely, and 709 but once each day Google Plus is employed on a day to day by 844 people.Netflix wasn’t included during this category but an “other” option was available. 

How much time does one spend on social media per month?

The most popular answer to the present question was 2-5 hours at 31% of the vote. The second hottest choice was 0-1 hours at 19% of the vote. The third-place slot goes to quite 20 hours per week at 12% of the vote.

How much money is spent on Social Media advertising?

The majority of the survey users that skilled this question spent but $100 per month advertising on Social Media. This was voted at 44% of the entire users surveyed.

A 23% spent $101-$500 and 21% said that they spend quite $5000 per month advertising on Social Media sites. For less than 7% of users, their company spends zero money monthly marketing their products and services using Social Media platforms.


Social Media may be a useful gizmo for marketing your business or products. People that answer our surveys have very positive opinions on Social Media and intrinsically will continue using it within the future. Several users have admitted that they’re using Social Media purposely to plug their businesses, however. Their main complaint lies with occasional downtime on Social Media sites like Twitter where they will only access their accounts but not any of the features


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