The Best Android Apps for small business


If you’re on a mission to learn all the ins and outs of your own small business, you should check out these apps. Whether it’s to boost company revenues, connect with customers better or expand your product line; there is an app for just about everything. See below for a list of some of our favourite Android apps that will help with running and managing any type of small business:

Find My Customers:

The customer management service provides powerful tools like email alerts, geo-targeting analytics, and real-time client data. Find My Customers also has a mobile app that allows users to interact with client records on the go.

Inventory Barcode Scanner:

An inventory management app that scans barcodes and creates a digital record of stock on the go. It is highly efficient and accurate because it can scan up to 300 barcodes per minute. The app supports multiple languages, over 2 million products, and offers customizable alerts for out-of-stock items.


This application enables you to create and manage supply chains by tracking everything from warehouse inventories to trucks and shipments in real-time. It also allows users to analyze and optimize their supply chains, plan and forecast volumes and optimize the order of deliveries.


This mobile point of sale system allows brick-and-mortar retailers to manage sales on the go. Its features include a cash drawer that can be opened from within the app, a built-in credit card swiper, The ability to store unlimited products and prices.


This is a networking app that helps small business owners network with other like-minded entrepreneurs. It connects users with other business owners based on similar interests so that they can share information about products as well as work together for future projects.


This app is a must-have for any small business. It enables users to create automated workflows that can be shared with employees, partners, and customers. The workflow also makes it easy for business owners to automate repetitive tasks so they can spend more time on what they do best.

That time:

This application allows users to quickly and easily choose from a variety of emojis that fit their tone of voice when communicating with other chatters. The service is offered in a mobile web browser application as well as through the Google Play Store for Android devices.


This app enables users to save and share notes, checklists, photos, drawings, and articles. It also allows customers to search saved content and even collaborate with customers on the go. Business owners can easily see important information such as upcoming appointments on their phones at all times.

Take our poll:

A quick survey tool that helps small business owners engage with their customers and track how they feel about the company in general. Users can take polls on any number of topics including what products employees would like to see for sale and which are the most popular employees with customers.


This mobile app allows businesses to seamlessly share files no matter what device they are being used on.


1. What is Dropbox?

A: It’s storage for stuff in the cloud. Even if you don’t have any space left on your device, you can access all your stuff from anywhere. If you have multiple computers and devices that you use, it really helps to keep all of your content together, whether it’s documents or photos, or videos we’re talking about here.

Keeping everything in sync means that if you make a change to a file, everyone else with access to that file will see the update automatically with no action on your part. So, Dropbox is an application that is used to store data online and sync files across different devices easily when internet connectivity is there.

2. What is Google Drive & how it beneficial for small business?

A: It’s a lot like Dropbox, but with a ton more integration with Google products, and it’s designed to be more than just storage. Like Dropbox, it can act as a place to store files but also act as a Cloud-based word processing application that seamlessly allows you to edit documents across multiple devices.

However, the advantage of this is that because it’s tied into your Gmail account you can use your Drive files in Gmail and share them directly from there with anybody via email. So, if you’ve ever used Google Docs before; there are hundreds of thousands of users who have been using it for free for years with limited storage space or chosen to pay for storage subscriptions.

3. What is Evernote?

A: Evernote is an application that allows users to create notes and save them, then access them across multiple devices. The app has a feature called “clippings” that enables people to capture any text or image they want and share those clips with other people who have access to your account.

It’s kind of like a digital scrapbook; you can save anything from a favourite quote from your textbooks or even the funny image you found on the internet. You can organize everything using tags, labels, and notebooks for easy reference. Evernote is a popular choice among doctors, lawyers, college students, and business professionals as well.

4. What is Google Drive vs Dropbox?

A: The main difference between Google Drive and Dropbox is that Dropbox is what’s called cloud-based storage.

This means that you upload your files to stores somewhere and have them accessible from anywhere but you still own them–you can delete them from the Cloud at any time but the files themselves are still saved on their servers.

However, Google Drive gives you access to the files when you’re connected to the internet which means that if your internet connection goes down you’re almost certain to lose access to those files permanently.

Although there are other options for remote storage such as, there are a lot of people who lean toward Google Drive because of its integration with the Google suite of products.

5. What is Workflow?

A: Workflow is an app designed specifically for the purpose of automating various tasks for a schedule or an event. This can be any type of task that you want to schedule or repeat on a set time and will run automatically.

For example, you can set workflows to upload photos from your camera to Google Photos every Friday at noon and then tag them as “all vacation”. Then, if you’re out on vacation another person can do this in their spare time using their mobile device while they’re away.

6. What is That Time?

A: This app provides a quick way to share your feelings and thoughts with friends, family, and colleagues through the use of emojis. Instead of using actual words when you’re communicating, you can express your feelings by choosing from a list of dozens of emojis.

It’s a lot like someone giving you “The Thumbs Up” or the “Thumbs Down”, it gives everyone the ability to be expressive in an easy-to-understand manner that doesn’t contain any complicated language.

Business owners can incorporate emojis into their social media marketing strategy and stay up-to-date with trends in technology as well as stay connected with their customers at all times no matter where they are.

7. What are Fancy Hands?

A: Fancy Hand is a full-featured virtual assistant that helps with all sorts of tasks across your phone or tablet, giving you access to multiple features including text input, calendar management, email management, and financial handling.

All you need to do is put in your email address and password, plus the app will ask you what kind of information you want to receive (e.g., news headlines or sports scores) to help with management tasks such as scheduling appointments and setting reminders.

The app can also be used for password management when paired with another application called 1Password which securely stores your passwords so they’re not available to anyone else who might get hold of them.

8. What is Evernote vs Do Not Disturb?

A: Evernote can be used as an alternative to Do Not Disturb. It can be used by itself, or on top of another application. For example, if you have a more sophisticated use for Do Not Disturb in your daily routine such as working during the evening or while you’re at home and want to take a break from all distractions;

you can pair it with Evernote or use it in conjunction with another service. With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft added a new feature called Cortana that can be used alongside any other service to provide a more seamless experience.


Some users complain that they have too much stress, and they can’t concentrate on their work. At that point, apps such as the above suggestions can help you to effectively manage your time and stay focused on your goals. Another thing is that if you want to get such apps for free or at a price. You should consider using an app store like Joy Download and download any of the following apps. At Joy Download App Store, we provide all kinds of trending applications (apps) that are popular among users in the USA, Canada, UK, and other countries. Find out more at our website from where you will get the latest information about these applications and then decide whether or not to download them from our website or another online platform.


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