Video Marketing and it’s relevance

video marketing
what is video marketing


Each and every day we are seeing a remarkable change in the marketing strategy. Now video marketing has become the latest trend in this industry. And the most important part is that it is not expensive or complicated as it seems to be. Earlier it used to be a single part of marketing, but now it has become the mainstream of marketing.

What is video marketing?

 So what is video marketing? It is nothing but using videos to promote and make people aware of your products or services. It effectively engages your audiences with relevant videos. You can make amazing videos with your own creativity and engage people. It has become an integral part of your marketing campaign.


All the recent surveys are indicating the success stories of using this method. There has been a remarkable improvement in brand awareness, traffic, and sales after doing video marketing. It can be marketed on multiple platforms.

Benefits of video marketing


With high-speed Internet, video marketing has made an irreplaceable position in the marketing industry. Some of its benefits are:

  • It stays longer on the social media
  • Increase the knowledge about your product
  • Gets more exposure and engagements
  • Ranks higher in SERP
  • Is gaining popularity on different platforms

Types of videos

 Different types of videos are gaining popularity nowadays. Identifying them and their market value is very important in today’s times, especially in the marketing industry.

video marketing importance
importance of video marketing

 Some of the videos now available are

  • Showcase videos or demo videos: these videos show how your product or service works.
  • Behind the scenes videos: these type of videos gives you the chance to prove your authenticity.  You can make a video on how your product is made or how your service works, etc.
  • Educational videos: they can be anything that provides knowledge to the customer. It is beneficial to those customers who are trying to learn a new skill.
  • Customer testimonial video: these types of videos are mainly used to build trust among customers. They are a great way to increase your social proof.

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